Shine a light

As part of my ongoing quest to turn my condo into a home, I’ve embarked on the most thrilling of tasks – to rid my home of the overhead lights that were here when I moved in (I need to get out more).

The light in my bedroom was a dreaded ‘Boob light’, and I quickly replaced it with the halogen lamp that I removed from my dining room (it was removed during phase one of the dining room redecoration which occurred 6 months ago – I have yet to move on to phase two). While the halogen light was better than the boob light, it didn’t really convey ‘bedroom’ – more kitchen. Even though I’m still unsure of the ultimate direction of the decor in my bedroom, I know that making it feel like a kitchen isn’t quite what I’m going for.

My old bedroom light

Over the past few months I’ve noticed a pendant light which had a shape I liked at the HomeSense stores in my area, but they only ever had grey or black shades. This colour selection annoyed me to no end because I could see clearly on the box that it was also manufactured with white shade.  As with most things when it comes to my home, I’ve realised that if something is meant to be it will be, or something better will come along. Two weeks ago, I finally found the pendant light with the right colour shade, and brought it home.

I have to be honest here. When I initially brought it home and tested it by holding up the shade I though it was too big. I then realised that while it might be a smidge on the large side, it was an excellent price, and more importantly, returning it would require schlepping it back to the store on the bus. The lamp stayed.

After a couple of false starts I managed to install the light without getting electrocuted (or burning down the building – yay me!!), and I think it looks pretty good.

My new bedroom light

I think the light is reminiscent of the Two-tier round shade pendant from Restoration Hardware which sells from $450 and up.

Restoration Hardware two-tier light

The best part – my new light was only $50!

What do you think? Hopefully it’s a little more ‘bedroom’ than it’s predecessor.


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