DIY – Upholstered Headboard With Nailhead Trim

Way back in another lifetime I built my headboard out of MDF and 2″x2″ pieces of wood and then covered it with a couple of layers of cotton batting, and a piece of inexpensive white fabric. Fast forward quite a few years, and I was no longer thrilled with my headboard. The fabric had gotten rather dull looking, and I wished every time I saw it that I had something just a little more sophisticated.

My headboard before

You may recall that I have a serious love for the Collete Bed at Crate&Barrel. A while ago when I was at King Textiles looking for some velvet for my mirror framing project, I spotted some fabric in their clearance section that sparked an idea. After quickly Googling on my phone the dimensions of a double bed I purchased several yards.

The back of my headboard

I put off this project for a couple of weeks as I was a little worried about pulling out all the staples that attached the original fabric to the headboard. Even though it was years ago, I still remember how cramped my hand got from using the staple gun, and I had visions of pulling staples for days. I needn’t have worried – the staples came out quite easily with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

High-Tech Tools for Removing Staples

As I wasn’t going to replace the batting, my next step was to lay out the new fabric, and make the necessary cuts to remove the extra. Next I started stapling.  My method was simple – a couple of staples in the top in the middle, and then pulled the fabric tight and stapled at the bottom in the middle. I then did the middle on each side. This ensured that fabric was tight in both directions before I stapled the rest of the top, bottom and sides. The top corners gave me a little trouble as I wanted to make them as smooth as possible. After some trial and error I ended up cutting out a triangle of fabric at each corner before folding it over and stapling. This would probably have been easier if my fabric wasn’t so thick, but as it’s a woven wool it got quite bulky in the corners.

Once the stapling was complete I flipped the headboard over, and started on the next phase of the project.

I had seen individual nail head tacks at Home Depot on several occasions, but the thought of having to nail in several hundred tacks kept me from recovering my headboard a long time ago. While perusing the Lee Valley Tools website one day I saw these nail head strips, and they were what I used. The beauty of this product is you only have to nail in every 5th nail – the rest are fake.

Laying out the Nail Strips

The next part required a bit of math as I wanted to ensure the nailhead trim detail was equally spaced across the top (to ensure that a real nail ended up at each end), but once I had that figured out the rest was fairly easy.

Here’s the finished product:

My Recovered Headboard

Nailhead Detail

The finished Product

Here’s what this project cost:

For a total cost of $45.43 (tax. incl.) I’m quite pleased with the transformation.

Don’t my Rewired Lamps look Great Next to it?

Mine doesn’t have the fancy curved detail that the one at Crate&Barrel does, but given how much it cost to make I can overlook that little detail. What do you think? Is it almost as nice as the original?

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