IDS12: Part 1

After attending BlogPodium on Friday I went upstairs to The Interior Design Show and walked around, and around, and around. There was SO MUCH to see!

I fully intended to compose an informative post on all the marvelous things I saw, but after looking through the pictures I took, I think I’ll let them do the talking for me. You’ll forgive me right? I hope so. Where possible I’ve listed the website of the exhibitor.


How Do you Live? Exhibit

Gresham House -

AM Studio -

AM Studio -

AM Studio -

 Outdoor Living

How do you Live? Exhibit

Sung Outdoor,

Eliile Lounge,

Andrew Richard Designs,

Hauser Designs,


Dee Dee Taylor Hannah,

Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry,

 I think I give your scrolling finger a rest for now. I’ll post more fabulousness tomorrow.

BlogPodium: Blogs + Media

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to sit in a room full of fabulous bloggers and listen to an excellent panel discuss the role of blogs and traditional media.

BlogPodium was created by two Toronto based bloggers – Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators and Lindsay Stevenson of Little House Blog, and it’s purpose is to bring together design bloggers and industry representatives from design magazines and television shows to share ideas about how blogs are influencing traditional design media (and vice-versa), and what blog writers should aim for when striving to make their blog successful. Yesterdays panel was the first of what will be a quarterly discussion about blogs, with the aim of educating and encouraging bloggers to create the best blogs possible.

This first discussion was held at the start of trade day at the Interior design show (which I explored after the talk), and there were excellent speakers on the panel:

  • Margot Austin – Senior Design Editor – House & Home magazine
  • Kimberley Seldon – Editor in Chief – Dabble magazine, and Design Editor – Chatelaine magazine
  • Kate Moore – Producer – CityLine
  • Jennifer Flores – Blogger and co-founder of BlogPodium
  • Moderated by: Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault – CityLine Guest Expert

    The BlogPodium panel: from L to R: Lindsay Stevenson, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, Jennifer Flores, Kimberley Seldon, Kate Moore, Margot Austin (my apologies for the fuzzy cellphone picture)

The discussions were incredibly interesting – here is some of what the panel had to say:

  • A good blog has an original voice,and original ideas.
  • Don’t just post pictures and say ‘wow – this space is awesome’ – explain why you think it’s a great space.
  • Don’t let your blog get too serious – blogging is about content and entertainment.
  • Make use of all forms of Social Media – you need exposure along with great ideas to grow your blog.
  • If you dream of being invited to do a guest spot on a design show include video on your blog so producers of shows can see the real you.
  • Set a good regular schedule for posting – 3 to 4 posts a week – once is not enough(eeps!)
  • Try to keep you posts to under 500 words (Double eeps!)
  • If pitching your idea – consider the vehicle – know the audience – if the magazine features mostly homes decorated by professional designers using high-end products they probably won’t be interested in your DIY projects.
  • Editing is key – stick to your core message.
  • If you use the work of others in your blog (photographers, designers, etc), always, always credit the source.

The panel made some excellent points, and I will try to work on some of them: posting 3-4 times a week and keep posts to about 500 words – both of which will be really hard.

BlogPodium’s next topic will be the Business of Blogging and will be presented in May. I’m sure it will be just as enlightening as yesterdays, and I’m planning on attending, and if you’re in or near Toronto I hope you will consider coming as well.

This afternoon I’m heading to Canadian Design bloggers meetup so I won’t be able to share today what great things I saw at the Interior Design show – hopefully I’ll be able to do that later this week.

PS – Word count: 529 :(

CB2 Arrives in Canada

Last night I attended the opening of the new CB2 store on Queen Street west. Housed in the newly rehabbed building at the corner of Queen and Bathurst streets, the store is a bright space filled with furnishings that will surely be popular with Toronto’s condo and loft dwelling residents.

The original building at the corner of Queen and Bathurst Streets

The building now housing CB2 was first built in 1878, and originally housed a Masonic temple on the upper floors. Seventy years later the mansard roof was removed and it became the Holiday Tavern. In the 1990’s the building became known as the Big Bop – a live music venue that saw the likes of Billy Talent and Alexisonfire play its stages before they ‘made it’ and moved on to larger venues. While the Big Bop was famous in Toronto as a music venue, it was infamous for its garish purple exterior.

The Big Bop’s purple exterior (image source:

When it was originally announced that CB2 was moving into the location there was some fear that the introduction of the American chain would dramatically alter the vibe of Queen west. While the area has changed in the past couple of years (not only due to CB2 – the recent additions of Loblaws, Joe Fresh and Winners have also played a large part), when the big white tarp that had been hiding the building from view during renovation came down last week I don’t think anyone in this city could fault the restoration that was done.

The new home of CB2 in Toronto (image source:

The opening night party was a crush of people enjoying the new space and, if they are anything like me, coveting the furnishings and accessories that until now were only available to Canadians by crossing the border or shopping online. Here are a few of the items that caught my eye.

CB2 – Idle/Go clock – $149

If I needed a new pendant I’d have a hard time choosing between these:

Upcycle ($249) and Victory ($179) Pendant Lights

Love this – but where could I put it?

Ostriches Print – $299

Versus Galvanized trunk – $179

I think perhaps this lamp will eventually end up in my living room:

Twine Floor lamp ($229) and Parlour Atomic Orange Chair ($799) and Ottoman ($449)

Love these acrylic shelves. I think they’d be neat in a bathroom or kitchen:

Format Acrylic shelves – Cube $30 – Shelf $80

Love both of these displays. I prefer the look of the gold, but my wallet would prefer the glass ones:

Whirly hanging candleholder – $5ea., Ous hanging candleholder – $100ea.

4-some bud vase – $10, 3-ring vase – $20

It was nice to see this:

Toronto history preserved – the Old Big Bop sign

I’ll be returning in the next few weeks to purchase some (or maybe all) of these:

Labra Holds 5 candleholder – $25, Coup Clover pillow – $35, Tread bowl – $35

For those of you in or near Toronto, CB2 is giving away a shopping card worth $500 every day until February 29th to celebrate the opening of their first international store so there’s even more incentive to come check out the store.

Welcome to My New Home!

This is my first post on my new site, and I couldn’t be more excited about this change. Sure, it was a lot of work (and more to come), but I’m happy that’s it’s finally at a point where I’m not embarrassed to announce it to the world.

My New Logo

Have you had a chance to check out my new digs? The blog page is pretty similar to my old one – I think the only major difference is there is now the ‘Home page’ which has a few of my favourite projects as well as some of my recent posts. I’ve also added a drop down menu at the top labelled ‘rooms’ where you can see each of the posts I’ve done for the rooms in my home.

So – what do you think? Should I change anything? Is there anything I should add?