March Flowers – a Birthday Bouquet, and Photography Practice

Unbelievably it’s nearing  the end of March – where did the month go? In February I decided that I was going to treat myself to flowers once a month. If you follow me on twitter you know that my brother J sent me a lovely bouquet for my birthday, so while I didn’t treat myself I’m still counting these flowers towards my goal of having fresh flowers in my home at least once a month.

By the time I remembered to take pictures these lovelies had been in my apartment for almost a week so they’re not quite as stunningly vibrant as they were when I first received them. A small warning – I decided to practice my close-up photography with the bouquet as my subject so there are quite a number of pictures to scroll through – I hope you don’t mind.

My bouquet one week later - it's lasting rather well

I have to say that I’m loving my new camera – I never would have been able to take pictures like these with my old point-and-shoot.

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