The One of A Kind Show – Spring 2012 – Part 2

Alright, firstly I need to apologise. I fully intended to write-up part two of my favorite things from the One of a Kind show on Saturday morning, but I got a little busy. First I went with a few friends to a Pysanka workshop, and later Saturday evening we went to see Gotye live in concert. Kimbra was the opening act, so it was an excellent show. On Sunday, D and I went to see the stage production of War Horse at the Princess of Wales Theater here in Toronto, and I have to say I don’t think I can remember ever seeing a play that I appreciated more. If you have the opportunity to see it please do – you won’t regret it.

Anyways, without further ado, here is the second part of my favorite things from the Spring 2012 One of a Kind Show (if you missed it – here is part 1).


One of a Kind Show – Heyday Designs

Heyday Designs (Booth E-29) is a line of vintage inspired ceramics made by Claire Madill. The ceramic jars created from molds of vintage mason jars were particular favorites of mine. Sm Dominion jar $38, Sm Imperial jar $48.

One of A Kind Show – Eikca Handmade Ceramicwares

Eikcam Handmade Ceramicwares (Booth N-8) are created by Grace Lee. I really liked the little kidney-shaped plates ($28) and the small vase with gold detailing is lovely ($155).  Eikcam on Etsy 

One of A Kind Show – Porcelaines Bousquet

Porcelaines Bousquet (Booth E-22) are created by Louise Bousquet and are beautiful in their simplicity. I absolutely adored the serving bowls above – my photo doesn’t do them justice. Salad Bowl (large) $144, Fruit bowl (Medium) $120, Vegetable bowl (small) $76


One of A Kind Show - Merganzer Furniture

One of A Kind Show – Merganzer Furniture

Merganzer Furniture (Booth O-09) is designed by Brett Lundy. He creates one of a kind furniture pieces are incredibly interesting. The coffee table above is $700.

One of A Kind Show – Studio Liscious

Studio Liscious (Booth I-32) is run by Patrick Lajoie (His wife, Mara Minuzzo was featured in Part 1) and he creates wonderful furniture and wood accessories. I came ‘this’ close to buying those neat little wood blocks ($115 for the set – priced individually) The bench is stunning ($1500) and the twig coat peg racks are neat too (Various prices).  Studio Liscious on Etsy


One of A Kind Show – Tat Chao

Tat Chao Design (Booth E-5) was an incredibly interesting booth. The candle holders above are made entirely of up-cycled glass which was found at garage sales and thrift stores ($80 each)

One of A Kind Show – Larch Wood

Larch Wood (Booth L-44) is from Nova Scotia, and they create stunning cutting boards out of the Larch Tree. These cutting boards are so beautiful they made me want to become a better cook so I could justify buying myself one. The rectangle board was $160.

One of A Kind – Monster Factory

Monster Factory (Booth P-5) I’ve always been a little partial to stuffed animals, so these adorable monsters had me hooked as soon as I saw them. They each have a name, and come with a character card telling you about the monster (clockwise from top) – Wendy, Mr. Jefferson, and Clarence. Clarence is scared of needles (I have a strong aversion) so he and I bonded a little. The Monsters ranged in price from $35-50.

There were over 400 artisans at the Spring 2012 One of A Kind show, so I’ve shown you just a tiny little sample of the incredibly talented people who were there. If you didn’t get to go to the Spring show the Christmas One of A Kind show will run from November 22 through December 2 at the Direct Energy Center. I know I’ll be going.


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