June Flowers and a Tale of Woe

It’s nearly the end of June. Already. The end of the month, and yet again I’m doing my monthly flower post of the near to last day of the month. I want to be clear though – this month my tardiness wasn’t entirely my fault. I had a plan to have it completed in the middle of the month but I was thwarted.

Like a lot of other people in N. America I get a number of those group deal emails every day. I don’t purchase the deals too often, but from time to time there’s one that’s tempting. I’m rather careful about what deals I buy – last year I was one of the people who purchased a deal for a Toronto butcher (Google ‘butcher Toronto coupon’ for more info on that snafu if you’re unaware of it) that ended up being too good to be true. I did get my money back, but it’s made me a little more wary of the ‘deals’ that arrive in my inbox.

Anyways, in May there was a LivingSocial deal for either some fresh flowers or a flower arranging class, and after a quick Google search for bad reviews I decided to buy the class. I thought it would be nice to learn how to arrange flowers in a way that doesn’t look like I just unwrapped them and plopped them in a vase. After buying the coupon I called the shop and booked my class for June 16th.

On the 16thI left for my class and I was rather excited. I’ll admit I may have been drafting my triumphant blog entry about my monthly flowers being done in the middle of the month while I rode the streetcar on the way to the class, but I was truly excited about learning some tricks and techniques. That is, I was excited until I entered the shop and after saying I was there for the class was told that the class had been cancelled because LivingSocial hadn’t forwarded the money yet. Womp womp. So disappointed.

I haven’t tried to re-book my class so these flowers are more of the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing so I just stuck ‘em in a vase’ variety. I think they’re lovely no matter what though as they’re Peonies which are one of the prettiest flowers, and a personal favourite.

Do you like the vase? I think it’s very Jonathan Adler-esque, but I found it on clearance at HomeSense for $9. It’s decidedly quirky so I like it.