Rooms to Match My Mood: Dark and Brooding

I was feeling a little ‘off’ yesterday, so I amused myself looking at pretty pictures on the interweb:) I can get lost for hours clicking away at pretty pictures – this is probably not the best thing to do too often (especially when I have piles of projects to start/work on/complete) but every so often it’s nice to escape. The pictures that were taking my fancy last evening seemed to match my off mood – a little dark and brooding, but I think each is beautiful in its own way. If I had to choose a favorite from the images below I think it would be the last one – it’s stunning. What do you think – which do you like best?

Dark Green Living room by Todd Yoggy

Dark Grey Living room by O’Connor and Houle Architecture

Dark and Moody Living Room. Source: House Beautiful, July 2009

Dark Living room with Green velvet Couch Source: Redonline

Grey Office via Elle Decor

Botanical no. 5510 by Kari Herer Photography via Etsy

PS – I made a very concerted effort to find what I believe to be the original sources of these images and link properly to them. Please let me now if I am mistaken.


  1. says

    I’ve been in the same kind of mood so i love these….especially the flowers. Love the first room too though….can picture sitting there with tea reading a great book.

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