That time I met Sherry and John

If you’re a blogger, or read shelter blogs with any sort of regularity I’m sure you’ve heard John and Sherry Petersik (I admit it – I had to check how their last name was spelled – Doh!) of Young House Love, and I’m sure you’ve heard that they’ve written a wee little book that was recently released. As tends to happen when one releases a book they’ve embarked on a rather exhausting book tour of 21+ cities, and Toronto just happened to be one of them, and the only Canadian stop of their whirlwind tour.

Last evening on a dark and rainy night I made my way across town to the West Elm store for the signing and arrived to find quite a line winding it way around the store, and while it took about 2 hours for me to get to the front of the line it was time well spent as I got to ogle West Elm’s lovely wares. Below are some pictures of the event – they were all taken with my phone so I apologise in advance for some of the blurry shots.

Tasty sustenance while we waited in line

I’m in love with this gold cutlery

What’s not to love about these glasses?

Mason Jar cocktail shaker? Yes Please!

I really like this Branch Floor lamp. I would LOVE it if it came in Gold.

Eeeps! Getting close!

Sigh – the record of my brush with blogging superstars, and it’s blurry :(

So far I’ve only managed to quickly flip through the book, but already I’m plotting projects #2, 12, 24 and #36. I’m sure there will be more that I’m inspired to try, and maybe I’ll even complete some of them!


    • Michelle says

      Aww – that’s sweet of you :) I have to say being near the back of the line had it’s benefits – I got to lust after quite a few of the things in store :)

    • Michelle says

      The sales guy at West Elm suggested that too, but all I saw was more more money for a lamp than I’d ever want to spend.


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