New Favourites at the One of a Kind Show – Winter 2015

It’s that time of year again – the one where I wrack my brain for gift ideas for the people on my list and pretty much always come up empty. The trouble is, whenever I ask what they might like, the invariable answer is that they don’t need or want anything.  This makes gift giving VERY difficult. Handily this time of year coincides with the Winter One of a Kind Show.

I’ve blogged about the show in the past- it’s always helped me find gifts for at least some of the people on my list, and this year was no different. I went Thursday evening after work to take advantage of their later hours, and I’m pleased to say I think my gift list is now about 90% complete.

I bought my ticket online (after finding a $1 off coupon via google) and printed it out before going. Best $12 I’ve spent in a while – no battling through malls which always seems to make me grumpy. While busy, the show wasn’t really crowded until I got to the aisle with all the food vendors who were giving out all the tasty samples. I might have definitely indulged in way too many samples, but it was worth it .

I thought I’d share a few of the ‘New to me’ vendors I found this time at the show just in case you’ll be visiting this weekend (the show closes Dec 6). (The pictures I’m sharing are mostly via the vendor’s websites as sadly my cell phone doesn’t take the greatest pictures)

Russell Hackney Ceramics – Booth Z19
Russell Hackney White ceramic cookie jar with bear motif
A new vendor at the show, Russell’s booth was actually one of the first I visited (I always do the show from right to left, or aisle Y though A). Given my love of matte white ceramic vases it’s unsurprising that his work caught my eye.  I need to figure out a way for this Bear cookie jar to grace my kitchen counter. Hopefully he’ll be back at the spring show and I can get myself a present.

C is for Clean – Booth I13
C is for Clean - Lavender & Vanilla
I actually somehow missed this booth on my first pass through the show (I walk though once and make notes of gift ideas, who they might be for and note the booth name and location. Once I’ve seen everything I make my choices and go pack and purchase them), but spotted them as I was leaving. While I didn’t buy any this time, this is another booth I’ll be buying from in the spring (here’s hoping they’re there!) I love that they’re all natural, and the four scents they have are all lovely.

Marjorie Camiré Céramiste – Booth W49
White and blue ceramic bowl with gold rim
Marjorie’s booth was busy when I was walking by and it’s clear why. With lovely ceramic pieces rimmed in gold they are simple, beautiful pieces. she also had a teacup and saucer that made me want to start drinking tea on a regular basis

Julia Veenstra – Booth W52
Original painting by Julia Veenstra
Julia’s art quite literally stopped me in my tracks. It’s bold and vibrant, and I love it. This is Julia’s first #OOAK show, and judging by the number of red stickers denoting sold pieces it’s been quite a success. I LOVED the above piece named ‘Evening on the lake’ – the person who purchases it will be very lucky.

If you haven’t already gone to this season’s One of a Kind show I hope you have a chance to go this weekend – it’s well worth it.

Bathroom Update – Peonies and Sparkle

I’m not a fan of my bathroom. I’d love to rip the whole thing out and start from scratch, but unless I win the lottery that’s unfortunately not a project I’ll get to tackle any time soon. I made some changes way back in 2011 (which tackled the ugly blue plastic shelving), and I’ve recently made a couple of other small changes.

The shower curtain rings I had were simple chrome spheres. They were nice enough, but after a few years the humidity was making them discolour a bit. After a bit of searching I replaced them with something with a little sparkle.New Bath curtain hooks

I, like a lot of other people, am quite fond of Peonies. Last year I was lucky enough to win a beautiful ‘Stop and Smell the Peonies’ print by Stephanie Sterjovski and Anna Agiropolous (of Anna with Love) through Tim at Design Maze. Being the queen or procrastination and indecisiveness it took me a while to decide where to put it, but now that it has finally found a home I couldn’t be happier. Every morning when I’m getting ready for the day it’s a pretty reminder to find time to enjoy and appreciate the small things that make me happy.New Bathroom Art - Stop and Smell the Peonies

They’re small changes, but I think they’ve both dramatically improved my space.

Monday Morning Love – David Collins Livingroom

Good Morning! Are any of you wondering where the weekend went – I know I am. I think it’s because last weekend was a long one due to Thanksgiving, and I’m rather partial to long weekends so wish every weekend was at least three days long.

I came across this image a while back and I fell instantly in love. This was the living room of David Collins, who was an Irish Architect and Interior Designer based in London.

Living room by David Collins. Image from AD Spain, Dec. 2009 found here

Living room by David Collins. Image from AD Spain, Dec. 2009 found here

I love how the room is comprised of mostly blue hues, but with a small pops of gold, and the stunning purple artwork. It’s a very masculine space, and even though it was designed 4+ years ago I think it’s timeless. I’m quite smitten with the royal blue sofa upholstered in velvet and want to curl up on it with a good book.

What do you think? Do you like this space as much as I do? If you could use one thing in this room in your home what would it be?

PS – I couldn’t find the original image on the AD Spain website. It and more shots of David Collins’ apartment can be found here.

Monday Morning Love – Paper Dresses

A month or so ago I was scrolling though my blog reader when I happened upon a post from Apartment Therapy. At first I couldn’t figure out why the post caught my eye as it was about a nursery which isn’t something I normally read, but then I realized it was the art on the wall. This is it:

Restoration Baby and Child - Hand Folded vintage Map Dress

Restoration Baby and Child – Hand Folded Vintage Map Dress

Can you believe this dress is made of folded paper? It’s stunning, and I don’t really care that it’s from Restoration Hardware Baby and Kids – I want it for my place. Unfortunately at $600US it’s not a purchase that I could justify.

I bit of Googling located a shop in New Zealand called Annex that sells a travel wardrobe of paper dresses and purses. The dresses here are $195. - Travel Wardrobe - Hand Folded Vintage Map Paper Dress – Travel Wardrobe – Hand Folded Vintage Map Paper Dress

I wonder how much it would cost to ship from New Zealand, and how much to have it framed?

What do you think? Would you buy a paper dress to hang on your wall?