Freaking Out and Lacquered Walls

Classes started again last week; on Saturday I had my first Interior Decorating 1 class and I’m admitting right now that I’m scared. So far the courses I’ve taken have been a little easy – no actual decorating happening. That’s going to change with this class, and I’m currently experiencing an overwhelming feeling of terror.

I’m absolutely terrified that I’ve made a huge mistake. What am I doing going back to school? Where in the hell did I get the idea that I had any sort of skill at actually decorating a room? There’s so much to think about, and source, and pull together, and I haven’t any idea what I’m doing, and there’s a looming deadline for the project and I don’t think I can have it done in time. Oh my God – what have I done???


One of the projects for my class (one of two that are terrifying me) is to take an image from a fashion magazine that has a triadic colour scheme and translate that into a contemporary living room. After hours of searching (mostly at Chapters since I don’t own a single fashion magazine) I ended up with one from a issue of Fashion magazine from 2009 that is predominantly navy blue (And yes, I used the term ‘ended up with’- what’s with current magazines only having monochromatic or black and white fashion spreads? How terribly boring.).

Since I have to keep the colour ratio in my space the same as the image we’re using which means most of the room will have to be navy blue, and in order to accomplish that I’ll have to present a room with navy walls. This worried me for a while – how to do a contemporary room with dark walls given that when I think of a contemporary space I usually think sleek, modern, open, and mostly white with pops of bright colour.

Yesterday morning when I woke up it hit me – lacquer. Lacquer has been popping up more and more frequently in the magazines and blogs that I read and I’ve always rather loved it as it adds a little something extra and unexpected to rooms.

The image above is of Todd Romano’s Manhattan apartment, and it has laid to rest some of my fears about an all blue room feeling very traditional instead of contemporary. What do you think? Do the lacquered walls add to the contemporary feel to the space? Or am I simply grasping at straws?

Monday Morning Love – David Collins Livingroom

Good Morning! Are any of you wondering where the weekend went – I know I am. I think it’s because last weekend was a long one due to Thanksgiving, and I’m rather partial to long weekends so wish every weekend was at least three days long.

I came across this image a while back and I fell instantly in love. This was the living room of David Collins, who was an Irish Architect and Interior Designer based in London.

Living room by David Collins. Image from AD Spain, Dec. 2009 found here

Living room by David Collins. Image from AD Spain, Dec. 2009 found here

I love how the room is comprised of mostly blue hues, but with a small pops of gold, and the stunning purple artwork. It’s a very masculine space, and even though it was designed 4+ years ago I think it’s timeless. I’m quite smitten with the royal blue sofa upholstered in velvet and want to curl up on it with a good book.

What do you think? Do you like this space as much as I do? If you could use one thing in this room in your home what would it be?

PS – I couldn’t find the original image on the AD Spain website. It and more shots of David Collins’ apartment can be found here.

Monday Morning Love – I’m Jealous of Keri Russell

Good Morning Everyone! This is going to be a short post today, as I was up late last night working on some homework for my colour theory class, and it was one am before I realized I hadn’t written a post yet for the morning (nor had I managed to write my BlogPodium recap, but that’s another issue).

Fiddle Leaf tree’s have been pretty popular in the last year or so, and when Lindsay over at Little House Blog posted in February that Ikea sold them for $15 I headed out and bought one. I was happy with it for about a week, and then I realized that I may have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to plants. It hasn’t really died, but it’s no longer pretty – the leaves that have toughed it out have gone brown around the edges, but most have fallen off so my cute little tree now looks rather sad. I can’t get rid of it though ’cause it’s not TRULY dead.

Keri Russell's Brooklyn Livingroom. Photo by William Waldron in Elle Decor

Keri Russell’s Brooklyn Livingroom. Photo by William Waldron in Elle Decor

Anyways, I’ve had this image of Keri Russell’s Brooklyn home pinned for a few months, and while I love her livingroom (the fireplace, the crown moulding!!!), I’m fairly certain what originally drew me to the photo was her lovely, healthy, THRIVING Fiddle Leaf tree by the window. Some people are jealous of Keri Russell because she’s gorgeous, some because of her hair (tell me you remember her in Felicity), but not me – I’m jealous of her tree.

You can see more of Keri Russell’s home in Elle Decor.

Monday Morning Love – Pink and Gold Living Room

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m taking an Intro. to Drafting course, and it wraps up in just over a week. For the final project we have to draft a floor plan for a condo which mean I’ve been trolling Pinterest and the internet at large for inspiration on furniture ideas.

I found this image of a living room designed by Caitlin Wilson and I fell in love. While this shade of pink is a very bold and striking colour, decorating the rest of the room in mostly whites and creams means the couch, while undeniably the center of attention in the room, isn’t competing visually against anything else. It’s without a doubt a feminine space, but it’s also a relaxed and happy one.

What do you think? Could you live with a pink couch?