Monday Morning Love – Pink and Gold Living Room

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m taking an Intro. to Drafting course, and it wraps up in just over a week. For the final project we have to draft a floor plan for a condo which mean I’ve been trolling Pinterest and the internet at large for inspiration on furniture ideas.

I found this image of a living room designed by Caitlin Wilson and I fell in love. While this shade of pink is a very bold and striking colour, decorating the rest of the room in mostly whites and creams means the couch, while undeniably the center of attention in the room, isn’t competing visually against anything else. It’s without a doubt a feminine space, but it’s also a relaxed and happy one.

What do you think? Could you live with a pink couch?

Hello? Is There Anyone Out There?

Wow – it’s hard to believe it’s been three whole months since I posted last. My apologies, but life sort of got in the way of blogging. Did you miss me? Please say yes ;)

While I’ve been away I’ve been working on some projects, and I hope to share them with you in the next little while (If I can find the pictures – more on this below). In order to catch you up on some of the stuff I’ve been doing I thought I’d share a few Instagram pictures.
Computer failure screenDirectly or indirectly this was the start of my blogging hiatus. I had a small computer malfunction which I though I fixed. A few days later and I was proved wrong and I had to format my hard drive. Luckily I think I was able to save all my pictures. Unfortunately they’re currently on SD cards because I’ve been too busy/lazy to reorganize them on my computer.
Vintage painting - flower still lifeI bought a painting at an antique store on Queen east for $40. I love it, but like all my other pictures it’s not yet hanging anywhere. At least this one is currently sitting on the back of my couch so I can see it instead of hiding in a corner with the rest of my stuff.
Missing chunk off a furniture legI started to work on my hutch only to discover the damage to the foot was a whole lot more expensive than I thought. This cheap and easy project got a lot more difficult and expensive.
Stripped Louis XVI chairs - ready for paintingI finally did something with my Kijiji chairs – I took them to Paint it like New for a bit of paint.
At the end of March I celebrated 3 years of owning my condo – where has the time gone?
How did my hair get so longI’m not a morning person, so it’s very rare for me to do anything with my hair – I usually just tie it back. I was rather surprised how long it’s gotten when I straightened it one day, and I’ve been plotting a cut since. How short should I go?
White rug with a black trellis pattern from HomesenseI found a lovely rug at HomeSense that I planned to use in my bedroom and then drove all over the city looking for the right size. I bought it, and before I could return with a bigger car to bring it home returned it when I couldn’t justify the cost ($300 +tax) given I had some big expenses coming up (see the last three pictures).
New art - cute cows in a meadowI bought more art simply because the cows are cute – is that weird? This piece cost just $18, but I’m going to have to find a frame for it.
Running the 2013 Camp Oochigeas 10K down Yonge stWithout going out once to train, and with a doozy of a cough I ran the Camp Oochigeas 10K race down Yonge street. I didn’t post a great finishing time, but I’m happy I completed it.
First Homework Project - Intro to DraftingI decided that since I rather enjoy this interior decorating stuff that maybe I should learn more – I enrolled in my first course at Seneca college – intro to drafting. It’s quite a bit more work than I thought, but I’m enjoying it. Who would have thought I’d go back to school?
I went to Camp GroundedI attended Camp Grounded in California for a long weekend,
Standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridgeand then I played tourist in San Fransisco for a few days.
New windows going in!Lastly, as of Monday, the new windows in my building are finally being installed after over a year of consultations and negotiations. The old windows are bright white aluminum sliders – the new ones are a dark brown fiberglass window with a double-hung cottage split with divided lights on top. Hopefully they’re a bit more historically accurate, but no matter what I’m going to be so happy when they’re complete – they were a lot of work.

*As a short PSA, for those of you who read this via an RSS feed remember that as of July 1st Google reader will be going the way of the dinosaurs. Please transfer your feeds over to a new reader like Feedly. For those of you who subscribe to this blog via email nothing will change.

Thinking About – Thank You Cards

It’s a few weeks after Christmas and I’ve been a bad girl – I’m only now getting to my thank you cards. I bought a package of cards last year before I realized what a marvellous selection of free printable cards available on the internet, and now I’m wishing I could use some of the lovely ones I found. The beauty of printable cards is you can print just as many as you need or pick the card that you think will best suit the person you’re sending it to.

Unfortunately I have to use up the ones I have on hand, but I thought I’d share some of the freebies with you in case you’re bad like me and haven’t written your thank yous either.Free Printable Thank You Cards

Here are some of the great cards I’ve found. Click on the image to go to the site to download the cards.

Confetti Thank You Card by Thanks Lot

Confetti Thank You Card by Thanks Lot

Bunting Thank You Card by 74 Lime Lane

Bunting Thank You Card by 74 Lime Lane

Sequins Thank you Card by Love vs. Design

Sequins Thank you Card by Love vs. Design

Bicycle Thank You Card by Thanks Lot

Bicycle Thank You Card by Thanks Lot

Flamingo Thank You Card By Creature Comforts

Flamingo Thank You Card By Creature Comforts

The above are a few of my favourites, but I’ve pinned a number of others on my Pinterest board. If you had to pick just one, which would you like to receive? I love the Flamingo card – they really are a strange-looking bird.

PS – I made a very concerted effort to find what I believe to be the original sources of these images and link properly to them. Please let me now if I am mistaken.

It’s Awards Season – Oscars, Liebsters, and Homies and More

Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday? I did. I don’t have cable, and after some frustration searching for a feed online I discovered that if I placed my antenna in the middle of my coffee table, and didn’t move an inch from one spot on my couch I got perfect over-air reception. Unfortunately I don’t think my efforts were worth the trouble – the show itself was a bit of a bore. There were a couple of redeeming moments, namely Christopher Plummer winning his first Oscar for his role in The Beginners (excellent movie BTW), and sporting his Order of Canada lapel pin while doing it!

Christopher Plummer accepting his well deserved Oscar image: Kevin Winter/Getty images

There was of course the Oscar fashion, but I won’t really bore you with that (as I’m sure you’ve already seen all you really care to see about it) except this one picture of Michelle Williams:

Michelle Williams – Oscars 2012 Image: Getty images

I love Michelle Williams’ style, but the reason this picture caught my attention isn’t the dress, although it’s gorgeous, it’s the haircut. You see, back a few years ago I had a similar style:

Sept 2009 – The day I chopped off all my hair for donation. Should I cut my hair again?

I’m thinking about cutting it short again as my hair unfortunately now looks a bit more like this:


Okay, enough about that. You may recall I recently posted about my being awarded a Leibster Blog award by Janet at ‘Housefour‘. Well since then I have been bestowed with a few more:

April at ‘Money Pit Love’ gave me the 7×7 award which asks for 7 facts about me, and I need to pass the award on to 7 other bloggers.

Michelle at ‘The 236‘ gave me the Liebster award which as you know needs 5 facts and 5 nominations. Jo at ‘As Is‘ also gave me the Liebster a few days later.

April at ‘Money Pit Love‘ also ‘Tagged me’ which means I should give you 11 random facts about myself and ‘tag’ 11 other blogs.

As you can see, I’ve run into a wee problem. Each of these blogger bestowed awards asks that you nominate some other blogs and share some facts about yourself. If you’ve been keeping score that means in total I should nominate 28 blogs and share 28 random facts about yours truly with you. The wee problem I’m experiencing is I don’t know of enough smaller blogs to nominate, and coming up with that many random facts is incredibly hard without resorting to what I had for breakfast this morning (tea and a toasted bagel with cream cheese).

I didn’t want to ignore these wonderful bloggers so please go check out their blogs even though I won’t be able to fulfill the requirements of these lovely awards. They are all talented ladies.

While you’re off checking out new blogs be sure to check out some of the blogs that have been nominated so far for this years ‘Homies’ on Apartment Therapy. Quite a few of the blogs I read everyday have been nominated already and I look forward to discovering some more.

And to close – here are 5 random facts about me:

  • I had a goldfish named ‘Chubby’ as a child. Three guesses as to why ;)
  • I am the first of two children
  • It’s my birthday next week :(
  • I am a MAJOR chocoholic
  • I speak French although it’s a bit rusty from disuse. Would anyone like to send me to Paris so I can brush up?