Hello? Is There Anyone Out There?

Wow – it’s hard to believe it’s been three whole months since I posted last. My apologies, but life sort of got in the way of blogging. Did you miss me? Please say yes ;)

While I’ve been away I’ve been working on some projects, and I hope to share them with you in the next little while (If I can find the pictures – more on this below). In order to catch you up on some of the stuff I’ve been doing I thought I’d share a few Instagram pictures.
Computer failure screenDirectly or indirectly this was the start of my blogging hiatus. I had a small computer malfunction which I though I fixed. A few days later and I was proved wrong and I had to format my hard drive. Luckily I think I was able to save all my pictures. Unfortunately they’re currently on SD cards because I’ve been too busy/lazy to reorganize them on my computer.
Vintage painting - flower still lifeI bought a painting at an antique store on Queen east for $40. I love it, but like all my other pictures it’s not yet hanging anywhere. At least this one is currently sitting on the back of my couch so I can see it instead of hiding in a corner with the rest of my stuff.
Missing chunk off a furniture legI started to work on my hutch only to discover the damage to the foot was a whole lot more expensive than I thought. This cheap and easy project got a lot more difficult and expensive.
Stripped Louis XVI chairs - ready for paintingI finally did something with my Kijiji chairs – I took them to Paint it like New for a bit of paint.
At the end of March I celebrated 3 years of owning my condo – where has the time gone?
How did my hair get so longI’m not a morning person, so it’s very rare for me to do anything with my hair – I usually just tie it back. I was rather surprised how long it’s gotten when I straightened it one day, and I’ve been plotting a cut since. How short should I go?
White rug with a black trellis pattern from HomesenseI found a lovely rug at HomeSense that I planned to use in my bedroom and then drove all over the city looking for the right size. I bought it, and before I could return with a bigger car to bring it home returned it when I couldn’t justify the cost ($300 +tax) given I had some big expenses coming up (see the last three pictures).
New art - cute cows in a meadowI bought more art simply because the cows are cute – is that weird? This piece cost just $18, but I’m going to have to find a frame for it.
Running the 2013 Camp Oochigeas 10K down Yonge stWithout going out once to train, and with a doozy of a cough I ran the Camp Oochigeas 10K race down Yonge street. I didn’t post a great finishing time, but I’m happy I completed it.
First Homework Project - Intro to DraftingI decided that since I rather enjoy this interior decorating stuff that maybe I should learn more – I enrolled in my first course at Seneca college – intro to drafting. It’s quite a bit more work than I thought, but I’m enjoying it. Who would have thought I’d go back to school?
I went to Camp GroundedI attended Camp Grounded in California for a long weekend,
Standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridgeand then I played tourist in San Fransisco for a few days.
New windows going in!Lastly, as of Monday, the new windows in my building are finally being installed after over a year of consultations and negotiations. The old windows are bright white aluminum sliders – the new ones are a dark brown fiberglass window with a double-hung cottage split with divided lights on top. Hopefully they’re a bit more historically accurate, but no matter what I’m going to be so happy when they’re complete – they were a lot of work.

*As a short PSA, for those of you who read this via an RSS feed remember that as of July 1st Google reader will be going the way of the dinosaurs. Please transfer your feeds over to a new reader like Feedly. For those of you who subscribe to this blog via email nothing will change.

The One of A Kind Show – Spring 2012 – Part 1

This week I had the opportunity to explore the One of a Kind Show here in Toronto which is running through Sunday, April 1st at Exhibition Place. The One of a Kind Show is held twice a year – once in the spring, and once before Christmas. I’ve only ever been to the show once, and it was a few years ago, so this was something a little bit new for me and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I really enjoyed my time exploring (so much so I went back on a second day), and I can see why it a spring tradition for many people in the Greater Toronto Area to attend the show.

One of Kind Show – Toronto Spring 2012

If you don’t have the opportunity to attend I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites from the show to share with you. Most of the artists have websites, so I’ll include them to you can take a look at more of their work. If you’re heading to the show this weekend I hope you’ll take a peek at the below to help you plan which of the many booths to explore (I’ve included the booth numbers).


One of a Kind Show – Kerry Walford

Kerry Walford (Booth P-27) is an artist specializing in oil painting. The cute little ‘Bird with red Scarf’ above are $120 and I was rather tempted by them. She has prints and note cards available with her work as well if an oil original is outside your budget. www.kerrywalford.com

One of Kind Show – Pebble Art of Nova Scotia

Pebble Art of Nova Scotia (Booth L-31) is created by Sharon Nowlan. All of the pebbles are collected on the beaches near her home. The picture above, entitled ‘Spring’ is $119 (my apologies for the photo which doesn’t do her work justice)  pebbleart.ca  Pebble Art on Etsy

One of a Kind – Mara Minuzzo

Mara Minuzzo (Booth I-36) is an artist whose work I’ve seen before (most recently at The Artist Project). Her art blocks of Play Mobile figurines never fail to make me smile. ($35). Her art blocks of mid-century furniture items are great, and her paintings of people and scenery are wonderful . maraminuzzo.com Blue Trike on Etsy


One of A Kind – MoonRox

MoonRox (Booth Q-32) is jewelry and accessories made by Monique Chan. I love the colours and the combination of the metal and cord. The lovely entwined bracelets above are $65. moonrox.ca  Moonrox on Etsy

One of a Kind – She Smiled and Ran

She Smiled and Ran (Booth N-44) is a contemporary jewelry line created by Annie Tung. The Wave ring ($320) above fits over two fingers, and made me wish my birthday hadn’t just passed. shesmiledandran.com


One of a Kind Show – Nicole Tarasick

Nicole Tarasick (Booth G-35) creates handmade screen printed items. The Canadian airport codes were what first drew my attention to her booth, and I love that what she had displayed all had a distinct Canadian angle. Small pillow: $65, Large: $95 (both with feather fill) Nicoletarasick.com  Nicole Tarasick on Etsy

One of A Kind – Bookhou

Bookhou (Booth K-09) had a number of different products featured, but it was their textiles that drew my eye. I love these tea towels ($16) and the  Moose onesie ($25) made me smile. Bookhou.com Bookhou on Etsy

One of a Kind – Jenna Rose

Jenna Rose (Booth I-16) is a textile studio where all the designs are initially hand drawn by Jenna Fenwick before being screen printed using water-based pigments. I honestly couldn’t tell you which of Jenna’s designs I liked the best – they’re all gorgeous. Blankets $98, Tea towels $15, Pillows $60. Jennarose.ca  Jenna Rose on Etsy

One of a Kind – Avril Loreti

Avril Loreti (Booth L-05) is a textile designer whose use of vibrant colour and pattern is amazing. The tea towels above are $25 and I can’t decide which of them I like best (I keep changing my mind). Avrilloreti.com  Avril Loreti on Etsy

I’m going to give your scrolling finger a rest and end this post here. I’ll post some more favorites later, but in the meantime, if you’re heading to the One of a Kind show this weekend make sure you visit the booths of the artist above, or take a peak at their websites.

Art Interiors: a Long Delayed Visit

I heard about Art Interiors years ago, and have always wanted to visit, but for whatever reason never managed to despite it not being too far from my house.

Last week I got their newsletter via email announcing that their ‘Festival of Smalls’ was happening again, so I committed to finally paying them a visit.

Art Interiors was started in 1993 by two women in Toronto as a place where people could buy original pieces of art at affordable prices (starting from about $35). A lot of the art they carry is that of young up-and-coming artists, but they carry the work of more established artists as well.

Once a year, in the month before Christmas, Art Interiors has what it calls its ‘Festival of Smalls’. The pieces of art aren’t any bigger than 16″x20″ and are less than $250 each, so it might be a neat place to look for that perfect gift for that person on your list who already has everything.

Here are some of the pieces I admired:

Title: Living Room Chair by Erin Vincent

This might be neat on a wall near a similar chair if you have one, or maybe close to a modern one for a little contrast. I’ve always thought these chairs look a little like thrones, so it might be amusing in another room in your home . . .

I spotted this one on the way out the door:

Title: I Lost Them All III by Lori Doody (sorry for the blurry picture)

I think this one would be perfect in an entranceway or laundry room.

Their website has a quite extensive selection of available art, and you can purchase online, but there is more available at the bricks-and-mortar location. If there is an artist whose work they carry and you admire, they can also email you as new pieces arrive.

I spotted this on their website when I got home:

Title: Training by Elizabeth Lennie

I think I like this piece because I spent so much of my childhood doing just this – laps in a pool. I’ve admired Elizabeth Lennie’s work for a while, so it was neat to see her work on Art Interiors website.

Art Interiors is located at 446 Spadina Rd, Suite 206 in Toronto, ON. The Festival of Smalls is running until December 24th, 2011. Shipping can also be arranged for those who can’t visit their Toronto location.

Please note: I did ask permission first before I took the pictures above (except the last). Please click on the pictures above to link to the artist page on the Art Interiors website.

Thrifty Owl

Have you noticed recently that owls have become very ‘in’? It seems that every time I open a decor magazine or pop into a home store owls or other types of fowl are everywhere.1. West Elm – $32 2. West Elm – $99 3. West Elm – $9 4. Jonathan Adler – $48 5. At West End – $36 6. Abigail Edwards – $120/roll 7. Modcloth – $57 8. Anthropologie – $68 9. Anthropologie – $20… 

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