House & Home – August 2010 – Spotted!

I get House & Home magazine delivered on a monthly basis, and have quite a large stack of them sitting on my bookshelf. Actually, I also have a large stack on my desk and another on my bedside table, but that’s not the point of this post. I was flipping through some old issues when this image stopped me:

H&H – Aug 2010 – A Different Beat, pg. 42

Anybody else spot the similarity between the rug above and mine (read about my rug here)?

The picture was taken in Arren Williams’ home, who is a stylist for House & Home magazine. I think the only real difference between his and mine might be the colour. His colour choice was admittedly much better than mine – I bet he didn’t have half the trouble I did finding a fabric for his sofa that worked with the rug.

House & Home – March 2011 – Spotted!

I get House & Home magazine delivered every month, and unfortunately I usually find the things they feature to be completely out of my wallets limited reach.  Most of the time I just like looking at the pictures to get ideas, and dream about one day being able to afford to decorate my home like they do.

This month’s issue was shaping up to be no different, but about halfway through the magazine I spotted something that made me stop flipping the pages.

House & Home – March 2011 – Laundry Day

On the bottom of the second page of their Laundry Day feature is a stainless steel laundry basket that jumped out at me.  It’s the Large Metro Laundry Basket, and  it’s available at Ginger’s for $99.

Before you go thinking I’ve been sniffing too much detergent (or even worse – eating it like on that TLC show ‘My Strange Addiction’)  and its made me decide to spend $100 on something to hold dirty clothes, take a look at this:

My Laundry goes here

This is the laundry hamper that has been in my home for the past decade or so.  A wee bit similar don’t you think?  The best part?  I bought mine at Loblaws for $19.99!!

PS – See that white hamper pictured on the top right hand side of the magazine – it costs $600 at Design Within Reach!!!